The Guardian abandons the newspaper format!

So I was just signing up to the Guardian’s media blog email and I noticed that they have abandoned the newspaper format altogether, kind of. The sign up form asks you your main area of media interest and newspapers isn’t one of the options…

Under Main area of professional interest the only options it has are Radio, TV, Advertising, Communications, Digital/Online, Academia, Brand Strategy/Identity, Publishing, Gaming and Other.

Where is newspapers? Does it come under publishing? I know its a dead art but surely its not just ‘other’. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to learn about an industry that won’t exist by the time I graduate…


2 responses to “The Guardian abandons the newspaper format!

  1. i feel like i’ve been rickroll’d…

    i reckon the guardian would be the first to do it!

  2. Keep campaigning on this one – newspapers are not dead yet and the Guardian should be pressurised into flying the flag for print media for as long as we’ll read the stuff

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