Labour shadow minister can’t tell the difference between the Milibands

In an interview today the Labour energy shadow minister Meg Hillier admitted that she finds it difficult to tell the difference between the Miliband brothers.

Hillier, an arch Blairite and supporter of David Miliband in the leadership election campaign, was asked by my colleague Steve Anderson what it was like working under the brother she didn’t support and she admitted she can’t really tell the difference.

“To be perfectly honest they do look alike and sound a bit alike. So when you are sitting there you don’t think gosh this is someone so different, because in some ways their mannerisms are similar,” she said.

Hillier also continued her campaign against the male-dominated attitude of parliament, claiming that men are more likely to climb the Westminster pole because they focus on making sure the boss knows how good they whilst leaving the women to “shovel the shit” for them.

“I guess there is an old adage that says that men will rush in to tell the boss how good they are doing while women will notice that their secretary is having a personal crisis. I have to say that there is a bit of that.”

“I did notice that some of my male colleagues would be rushing in to tell people more senior how well they are doing while my job was… to shovel the shit from the ministers desk.”

One response to “Labour shadow minister can’t tell the difference between the Milibands

  1. Well, that’s ok. I thought I was the only one who couldn’t tell the difference.

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