The front pages reviewed first: Wednesday 17 November 2010

Sometimes I feel smug and annoyed in equal measures and tonight is one of those nights. Earlier on I said to a friend that I reckoned the Guardian would be the only paper not to lead with the royal wedding, as it felt it was above such a thing. I even considered blogging my prediction. Sadly for me I didn’t, so you will have to take it on my word that I predicted it (though the Indy has also led with another story).

The Telegraph – “Kate’s very special.” I must admit that I have little interest in this story, sacrilege as it is to admit. But the Telegraph is a fairly well written round-up of the day’s events, including juicy details such as the 18th century law that demanded William ask the Queen before he announce his engagement. For Telegraph readers this is their zenith, and it is written in a style that will attract them.

The Guardian – “Cameron removes ‘vanity staff’ from Downing Street payroll.” This story feels like a deliberate attempt to keep the royals off the front page in an attempt to focus on ‘real’ news. If we were in any doubt about the severity of the situation we are treated to the melodramatic opening line “David Cameron performed the sharpest U-turn of his premiership yesterday, removing his former personal photographer and a filmaker from the public payroll”. The need to state that it is a sharp u-turn probably means that it isn’t. While Downing Street did admit it “sent out the wrong message” to have them paid for by the public, it is hardly revolutionary stuff. In all honesty the story of the day is the royals and if you have nothing else you should go with it.

The Independent – “Ghost estates and broken lives: the human cost of the Irish crash.” Sometimes the Independent’s deliberate attempt at being different to the pack pays off, and tonight is close to being one of those nights. An in depth analysis of Ireland’s economic situation may not draw the eye like a Royal wedding, but for those of us that are already feeling bored of the new Windsor it is a nice change. It tells the story of an individual called Dave O’Hara who has seen the boom and bust of the Celtic Tiger, and who stands to lose his business because of it. A feature piece really, but a good one nevertheless.

The Times – “The new romantics” – offers a fairly straightforward retelling of a day in the life of the Royal family. It basically just tells the story of the engagement, with a few extras thrown in – such as the fact that the engagement ring belonged to Diana.

The FT – “Osborne considers billions in Irish loans” – is about the potential bail-out of Ireland using British taxpayer’s money. It claims that there is “growing speculation” that Britain will play a part in any potential loan, despite not being part of the Eurozone. I would like to see you get that past Cameron, Mr Osborne.

If you only read one: The Telegraph if you like the Royals, Indy if you don’t.


2 responses to “The front pages reviewed first: Wednesday 17 November 2010

  1. Yes, we’re awash with Windsor waffle…but don’t you think the Times wins for the smartest headline of the night

  2. But the Indy’s little sister i did. So the Russians are hedging their bets and not holding to the solid(ish) Indy anti-royalist stance.

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