The front pages reviewed first: Wednesday 24 November 2010

Somehow this morning I have managed to wipe out the whole blog post I wrote last night so am now doing it again.  I am pretty fuming and busy so its just going to be a brief summary of the stories with little analysis. Apologies.

The Guardian – “Anglican church faces piece by piece dissolution,’ warns Archbishop.” The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the Anglican church must unite or else face gradual collapse.

The Independent – “War clouds over Korea.” The Indy focuses on the conflict in Korea, with limited focus on the global repercussions.

The Times – “Schools face ultimatimatum over better exam results.” Thepaper has a leak about the planned changes to schools, which the government announced this morning.

The Daily Mail – “It’s April 29. And you are all invited.” A patronising story about the Royal wedding in which it is confirmed that “children, volunteers and the homeless” will be invited to the wedding.

The Daily Telegraph – “All-over 45s should take a daily dose of aspirin.” A suped-up version of some comments made by an academic about aspirin. No story.

The FT – “UK opens door to wealthy migrants” The UK’s immigration laws are to make it easier for wealthier people to immigrate, at the same time that it will become harder for most wannabe immigrants.


4 responses to “The front pages reviewed first: Wednesday 24 November 2010

  1. LOVING your views on the Daily Mail front page. RIDICULOUS. I’m going to see if I can find this story online now. I need to read it immediately and then slag it to high heaven.

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  3. Yes but which one am I supposed to buy today???

  4. Am I going to be invited to the wedding? I am not homeless but I was a volunteer.

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