The front pages reviewed first: Monday 29 November 2010

There is only one story tonight and it is the latest Wikileaks revelations about American foreign policy. So the splashes of the night go like this: Guardian – Wikileaks, Times – Wikileaks, Indy – Wikileaks, Telegraph – Wikileaks. The Daily Mail – the Royal family (and Wikileaks!)

The Guardian – ‘250,000 files that lay bare US view of the world.” The Guardian must love Julian Assange. In the past year the Wikileaks founder has provided the paper with two of its biggest splashes – the Iraq and Afghanistan dossiers – and they do it again tonight. The main difference with tonight, however, is that the leaks are not exclusive to the Guardian and all the other papers have them as well. The Guardian’s article is a good summing up of the whole dossier that will cause so much damage to the US regime.

The Telegraph – “Wikileaks sparks diplomatic crisis.” The Telegraph is, like the Guardian, a good summing up of the vast amounts of evidence Wikileaks has put into the public domain. The problem the article has, and all the papers tonight experience it, is that with the sheer amount of evidence released it is difficult to make it fit into any coherent story. So you get rather odd lines like: “The cables detail claims of inappropriate behaviour by a member of the Royal family and criticism of Britain’s military operations in Afghanistan and David Cameron.” On any normal night both of those would be the lead story in their own right but they are crammed into one sentence. Expect this to run and run.

The Times – “Arabs urged US to bomb Iran” I will review this tomorrow when I can get access to the full story.

The Independent – “America’s offensive diplomacy.” The Indy is famous for having almost no words on its front pages and tonight it works brilliantly. As a visual spectacle it captures the sheer magnitude of the story much better than any of the other papers. It pictures eight of the world’s most powerful or feared leaders and below gives a little caption about what the Wikileaks documents reveal about them. Angela Merkel is “rarely creative”, Sarkozy is an “emperor with no clothes” and Hamid Karzai is “driven by paranoia.” The best attempt at portraying one of the most devastating stories of the year.

The Daily Mail – “Royals caught in secrets leak”. Sometimes the paper caricatures itself. On the night of the biggest leak of official US documents in history the paper finds the most interesting of the 250,000 documents to be the one where Prince Andrew showed “rude behaviour abroad.”

If you only read one: The Guardian’s summary is the best.

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