The front pages reviewed first: Tuesday 30 November 2010

Is anyone else getting bored with Wikileaks already? The good news is the FT has a great splash. The bad news is everyone else rehashes Wikileaks. Not even the Times leads with the economy or any other story, just retelling the Duke of York’s woes.

The Guardian – China ‘ready to abandon North Korea.’ Of all the papers leading with Wikileaks this is the best attempt to pretend not to be. The headline implies that the Guardian has some interesting analysis of the latest crisis between North and South Korea but it turns out to be Wikileaks documents from well before the crisis.

The Telegraph – “Duke raged at ‘idiocy’ of fraud inquiry” Interesting that the Times and the Telegraph have got almost exactly the same headline, the only difference is the Times makes more effort to try and make it sound current. The story was actually fairly accurately reported by the Mail the day before, and there is really nothing that we didn’t already know in either story.

The FT – “EU growth funds lie idle under red tape” This is actually the only original splash of the night, and the most interesting. The paper has done a very good investigation, along with the increasingly influential Bureau for Investigative Journalism, into the amount of EU money pledged for developing parts of the region that is actually getting there. Apparently only 10% of the 347bn Euros has got through. On a night when all the other papers are full of Wikileaks, it is nice to think that papers can still do occasional bits of their own investigating.

Daily Mail – “Exposed: Andrew’s 4-letter tirade” The same documents as everyone else, with Prince Andrew’s rant about France leading the way. Pretty unexciting stuff.

The Times – “‘Cocky’ Prince attacks British fraud inquiries”. See the Telegraph above! Nothing very exciting here…

The Independent – “Now we know”A comment piece from the Indy’s Middle East star Robert Fisk in which he claims that the Wikileaks docs show that “America really doesn’t care about injustice in the Middle East.” I love Fisk, and he is a top quality journalist, but he must have said this point a hundred times. I must have read him saying it at least fifty times. Both the last Wikileaks produced similar responses – this finally proves that the US didn’t care about civilian deaths. Nothing new here.

If you only read one: The FT tonight


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  1. I think I’ll buy a magazine tomorrow instead…

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