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Top ten front pages of 2010

Since this blog began in September we have seen some great front pages and some frankly awful ones. But today we celebrate only the best, with our rundown of the best front pages since we began.

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The front pages reviewed at midnight: Friday 31 December 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have enjoyed this blog in 2010 and will continue to read it, and tell your friends about it, in 2011! Tonight’s papers are not bad for the New Years Eve, with The Telegraph making the best attempt at real news. Watch out for my review of the best front pages of the year tomorrow…

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The front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 30 December 2010

I would really love to be back with a bang after my Christmas break but its more of a wimper as the papers are all relatively dull. But it is the holiday period after all.

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The lasting legacy of Cablegate will be Cameron’s disdain for The Telegraph

The lasting legacy of The Telegraph’s secret taping of Vince Cable may be a breakdown in the relationship between the paper and David Cameron.

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The front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 22 December 2010

Poor old Vince. Really doesn’t do himself any favours does he. Tonight all the papers are rife with speculation about his “humiliating” downfall. I can’t think of how it could get any worse. Well I guess he could laugh in the face of the enraged electorate by appearing on  a Saturday night dancing show. But he wouldn’t do that now would he? Continue reading

A little break

I will be taking a little break from the front pages review for the next few days as for work I have to be up at 5.00 until Christmas and can’t face the lack of sleep.

Apologies. Normal service will be resumed after Chrimbo…

Friday poll

As I am not going to be blogging over the weekend I thought I would get you guys to do the blog for me!

I want to know when people think the first national newspaper will abandon its physical paper – you know those old fashioned things with the printing press and all that – and go online/digital only. Are we talking 1-2 years or 15-20? Follow the link below and answer the one question…

When will the first national newspaper go online only?