The front pages reviewed at midnight: Friday 3 December 2010

The paper’s are more diverse than I expected. I reckoned that all the papers would lead with either the football or the snow, but only the Times and the Indy went with the former and none with the latter.

The Telegraph – “Equality law gives women job priority over men” The Telegraph have never been a fan of positive discrimination, so it’s no suprise they lead with Lynne Featherstone’s key policy. What I am really suprised about, however, is that nowhere in the piece have they got a quote from a dissenting Tory. Not even a backbencher. With all the paper’s Tory links it really suprises me that no one can be found to suggest cracks in the coalition. As it happens, then, the article ends up a fairly straight retelling of the policy announcement.

The Independent – “A day of two halves.” Earlier on tonight I blogged about what the Indy’s front page should be tomorrow and it’s not too far off it. The paper leads with an eye-catching “A day of two halves” in which Russia was both awarded the World Cup and the Wikileaks documents accuse Putin of having corrupt dealings with Silvio Berlusconi. I am not sure exactly whether these were only released today and the Wikileaks stuff is certainly not new. I preferred my idea!

 The Times ‘Frozen out’ Too often, as my most avid reader the Snapper has pointed out, there is a terrible juxtaposition between the top story and the top picture. So, for example, a paper will lead with “500 dead in Romania” but have a picture of a small girl cuddling a bear. Tonight the Times has got it spot on. Frozen out, a story about England’s bid to host the World Cup being utterly rejected, deliberately works with the wonderful satellite images of a frozen Britain show. The article itself is concise but conveys the sense of anger felt by the English team. The only downside? The Telegraph has the same pic…

The Guardian – “UK troops failed in Helmand, Afghan leaders tell Americans.” I wonder how long the Guardian are going to use these Wikileaks docs to tell us stuff we already know. Yesterday they told us Russia was corrupt, the day before we found out Osborne and Cameron were inexperienced and tonight they hit us with the revelation that British troops failed in Helmand. We already knew that. Why else did the Americans step in?

The FT-“ECB steps up push to calm bond markets” The European Central Bank has been sticking its nose into the bond markets.

If you only read one: The Times


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