The front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 6 December 2010

Wikileaks looks set to dominate the week’s news agenda again, with both the Times and the Guardian leading with revelations from the latest set of cables released. The Telegraph rehashes an old story, while the Mail leads with Mike Hancock’s Russian spy.

The Guardian – “Qatar accused of using al-Jazeera as ‘bargaining chip’ for diplomacy” This cable would normally not have led the paper’s coverage but Qatar is suddenly at the forefront of every countries minds after the World Cup announcement. Wikileaks reveals that the Americans think the Qataris use the TV news channel Al Jazeera as a tool by offering favourable coverage for certain countries.

The Mail – “MP caught in a honeytrap” The paper develops one of the big stories of Sunday, the revelation that Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock employed a Russian spy. According to the Mail, Hancock was “targeted” by the alleged spy and asked questions about Trident in parliament that alerted the security services. If these allegations are true, expect this story to develop over the next week. The paper only partly stops short of calling Hancock a spy, saying that he “asked dozens of questions about nuclear weapons and other hugely sensitive defence topics.”

The Times – “Wikileaks lists ‘targets for terror’ against US” The Times suggests that Wikileaks is going to dominate the news again this week, with the latest set of revelations as provocative as last week’s. They release the list of all the global industries and assets that the US most wishes to protect. This pushes the website closer than ever before to illegality, and I reckin this will lead the news briefings tomorrow.

The FT – “Europe’s leaders at odds over bond plan” The paper takes something from its letter pages and tries to make it a story. The leader of the economic powerhouse that is Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker has called for European government bonds, something that the Germans will disagree with. It is tough to call but I think Merkel my just throw the idea in the Junck-er (terrible).

The Independent –“Diplomacy derailed” This is really the kind of piece you would expect the Sunday papers to do in the old days when Sundays looked backed at the week that was. It basically just sums up the Wikileaks information that has come out in the last week, and claims that it will affect the American diplomatic mission.

The Telegraph – “Hidden fees cut pension payouts by 75pc” Some stories really are cyclical. Tonight’s Telegraph lead strikes me as an almost exact replica of a story a couple of years. Two years ago top pension figure David Pitt-Watson claimed that up to 40% of pension payments were spent on fees. Tonight he is publishing a report saying that that figure could be as high as 75%. There may be some differences but its a bit of a rehash job.

If you only read one: The Times


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