The front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 16 December 2010

The Indy highlights the tragedy on Christmas Ireland while the Mail tell us Christmas is cancelled and The Telegraph wishes Chris Huhne doesn’t even get a Christmas.

The Times – “Generals ordered to end shocking culture of waste” It is not often that a select committee gets a front page splash. The last time it happened was probably the dressing down of the bankers over six months ago. But tonight the Times leads with the public affairs select committee and its questioning of MOD chiefs over their loose spending. It does help, obviously, that it means they can name check an earlier investigation done by the paper…

The Independent – “The tragedy that shames Australia” While this headline may be a day late it is still a poignant and powerful message. The point the article makes is that if the Australian’s didn’t have such draconian immigration laws and ‘offshore’ centres for dealing for potential immigrants then the tragedy of two days ago wouldn’t have happened.

The Mail – “Millions of online presents stranded” The Evening Standard was the first to get this type of story this year. Two weeks ago it led with “Christmas is cancelled” as toy production was too slow and this is basically the same story. Snow is making it difficult to deliver online Christmas presents.

The Telegraph – ‘£500 on electricity bills to pay for green energy’ The price comparison website uSwitch has said that the government’s proposals for building new environmentally friendly power stations will add around £500 a year to the household bill. The government’s figures dispute this, saying it will save people money. No way of me knowing which of these is correct but it turns out the story is partly a plug for the paper’s letters column, in which Mr Huhne has written something that sounds incredibly dull.


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