When will the first paper go online only?

I have thinking that I wanted to make this whole blog lark a bit more interactive so I thought I would ask you guys a question for a change. I have set up a quick poll about the future of newspapers with the single question – “When will the first national paper go online only?” – by this I am thinking of the big London-based dailies really.

Would love to get your feedback. I can’t quite work out how to embed the thing in my blog (tips please) so have a click through below…

When will the first national newspaper go online only?


3 responses to “When will the first paper go online only?

  1. Oh check you out with the new WordPress theme!

    I’d say about 3 years, but only if you include ‘mobile’ as being online. I don’t think any paper will ever be solely web-based online but they could go ‘online’ in a digital sense if you include access through smartphones, and tablets.

    I also think that how we read them online is going to change too. Many, many people are choosing to read their news through social networks like Twitter, Delicious, Digg and even Facebook rather than reading physical newspapers or even online newspapers.

    I’m sure it won’t be long until newspapers are telling advertisers how many Facebook fans and Twitter followers they have instead of their circulation figures. Perhaps they’ll even start to estimate ‘shares per post’ instead of ‘readers per copy’ too.

    • What I mean is when will the first newspaper abandon the actual printed paper, not on tablets or the internet or smart phones, the actual pick me up paper. I reckon between 5-10 probably but maybe less, everything is moving so fast…

  2. Although the BBC has never has a printed edition, isn’t that what the excellent BBC web site is and isn’t that why the Murdoch empire takes every opportunity to snipe at the BBC.

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