The front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 22 December 2010

Poor old Vince. Really doesn’t do himself any favours does he. Tonight all the papers are rife with speculation about his “humiliating” downfall. I can’t think of how it could get any worse. Well I guess he could laugh in the face of the enraged electorate by appearing on  a Saturday night dancing show. But he wouldn’t do that now would he?

The Telegraph – “Lib Dem ministers condemn scrapping of child benefit” The big story of the day, in the newspaper industry at least, is whether the Telegraph deliberately avoided the biggest story of its Vince Cable scoop by not publishing the Murdoch allegations for potentially political reasons, as Robert Peston’s brilliant expose earlier today showed. But tonight they stay ahead of the curve, with the paper exposing more splits in the Lib Dems. Scottish secretary Michael Moore apparently criticised the plans to scrap child benefit for higher tax payers. I remember when the coalition was first formed my editor at the time saying it was the “story that just keeps on giving” and so it is proving…

The Times – “Cable’s power cut” Would work better as a title if he was Energy Secretary but a good attempt none-the-less. The Times wheels out rent-a-quote Tory MP Bernard Jenkin to criticise the Business Secretary, but I don’t think the article will tip him over the edge.

The Independent – “The man who declared war on Murdoch… and lost” A nice take on it from the Indy’s fantastic political editor Andrew Grice, which is more sympathetic than The Times. Funny that, considering their ownership.

The Guardian – “Humiliated Cable stripped of Sky role after ‘war with Murdoch’ gaffe” It really is bizarre that the paper that broke the story, the Telegraph, has never led with the story that everyone else has. The Guardian has a fairly straight telling of the facts, though there is a nice touch when it mentions that nearly 70 civil servants are going to be leaving the Business Department to join Jeremy Hunt in Culture.

If you only read one: While they have truly messed up the reporting of the story, the Telegraph are still ahead of the pack tonight.


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