The front pages reviewed at midnight: Friday 31 December 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you have enjoyed this blog in 2010 and will continue to read it, and tell your friends about it, in 2011! Tonight’s papers are not bad for the New Years Eve, with The Telegraph making the best attempt at real news. Watch out for my review of the best front pages of the year tomorrow…


The Telegraph – “Britain on New Year terror alert”

The paper appears to have seen a pre-record of David Cameron’s New Year’s message in which he warns about the threat of terrorism in the UK. In it he says: “For many years now, we have been aware of the threat we face from international terrorism. Recent threats show that that threat is still very much with us. And it is as serious today as it has ever been.” The speech comes on the same night that 9 men have been arrested on suspicion of planning New Years Eve attacks, and amid worrying rumours that police are hunting for three more men.

The Times – “New drivers confronted with organ donor choice”

The government is planning to change the rules on people applying for driving licenses so that, instead of having to opt out of making their organs available for donation if they die. The paper says it could mean millions more donations but I am not sure the figures they use add up. Having said that if it reduces the 1,000 people who die every year from a shortage of organs then it has to be welcomed.

The Guardian – “Government told: vaccinate millions more against flu

I have never heard of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation and I am pretty sure they have never hit the front pages before. But they have warned Andrew Lansley that thousands more people need vaccinating to avoid flu. Exciting…

The Mail – “Was Jo’s body hidden next to her flat?”

I love when newspapers lead with question marks as they can’t substantiate their argument. They should really just lead with “How was Jo killed?” as all the article does is suggest a bunch of possible scenarios. Paragraph one states: “Joanna Yeates’s body may have been hidden just yards from her flat for up to a week before it was found” but the issue isn’t mentioned again until paragraph 14 – a clear sign the story is weak. Then the story is a lot watered down, saying: “It is not yet known at precisely which point she was killed, and whether her body was kept concealed in a building or vehicle before it was dumped.”

If you only read one: The Telegraph

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