Top ten front pages of 2010

Since this blog began in September we have seen some great front pages and some frankly awful ones. But today we celebrate only the best, with our rundown of the best front pages since we began.

Number 10 – The Telegraph 19 Nov

Recession? You’ve never had it so good

In at number 10 The Telegraph’s scoop that brought down Lord Young. In the top ten because it was the first newspaper to take out a Conservative peer since the election. This dethroning of Lord Young happened when he least expected it, in an interview with the friendly Telegraph.

Number 9 – The Daily Mail 22 Nov

“Sharia lessons for pupils aged six”

The Daily Mail scoop, in conjunction with Panorama, highlighted the serious issue of Saudi schools teaching anti-semitism and sexism to children and it did it in a well researched and balanced manner. And a great picture of a crying Cher from XFactor as well.

Number 8 – The Times 9 Nov

Waterboarding saved London from attacks

A great picture to go with an exclusive interview with George W Bush.  The paper led with Bush’s claim that the controversial use of waterboarding techniques prevented London from being attacked but what I particularly liked about this page is the picture of Bush lolling back on his chair, so unpresidential and relaxed. It captures the popular perception of how he was as a President; informal and casual, and sometimes sloppy.

Number 7 – The Times 10 Dec

“Assault on the capital”

The Cynical Journalist action photograph of the year goes to Matt Dunham of the Associated Press who took this amazing picture of Prince Charles and Camilla looking petrified as their car was attacked. Just great photography, and well used by The Times to create a great front page.

Number 6 – The Independent 16 Dec

The tragedy that shames America

The Independent brilliantly cements its reputation as the most unique paper in Fleet Street by using the horrific deaths on Christmas Island to focus on a forgotten issue – the draconian immigration policies of Australia. An amazing black and white photograph to boot.

Number 5 – The Daily Mail 24 Nov

“It’s April 29. And you are all invited”

A wonderfully patronising headline, but I have to admit it would drive me to pick up the paper. The Mail claimed that everyone in the country was to be invited to the Royal Wedding in some form, and that homeless people could even be in the ceremony!

Number 4 – The Independent 11 Nov

“A date with destiny

At the time I was relatively critical of this front page, saying it could “prove to be a bit of non-starter”. How wrong I was. The paper led with the potential release of Aung San Suu Kyi a day before any of the other papers picked it up and were vindicated when it became the biggest news story of the week.

Number 3 Guardian 29.11.10

250,000 files that lay bare US view of the world.”

We couldn’t have a 2010 Top Ten without mentioning Julian Assange somewhere. And here he is, at Number 3, with the initial leaking of 250,000 documents. What a year it has been for Assange and these 250,000 documents basically formed the basis of The Guardian’s front pages for about a month.

Number 2 – The Guardian 10 Nov

“This is just the beginning”

A wonderfuly prophetic title from the Guardian on the night of the first student fees protest. The headline conveys so much of what has happened in the past two months;  the continuing student protests, the cuts, the government’s problems and the attempts to deal with the deficit. This phrase, scrawled on a building by a protester, sums up the rest of the year – and probably 2011 as well.

Number 1 – The Financial Times

“Ireland faces tax showdown”

Cynical Journalist’s best front page of the year goes to the paper with the best picture of the year by a mile. The deputy director of the IMF is pictured walking towards the Irish central bank in Dublin to negotiate a bailout package on the day the Irish had suffered the humiliating feat of having to go to the IMF for a loan only days after it had said it didn’t need one. On his way a homeless man is pictured begging him for a few coins. Absolutely unbeatable imagery.

So there you have it. The top ten front pages of 2010. Roll on 2011, I say.

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