The front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 3 January 2011

The Guardian has a strong story that will probably lead tomorrow’s headlines, while The Times and The Telegraph have stories on waste (The Telegraph more literally than most!).


The Guardian – “Welfare bill soars as coalition counts cost of austerity drive

The Guardian does exactly what a left of centre paper should be doing in the time of a severe economic cuts and criticises the government’s austerity. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) has calculated that they will have to pay £1.5bn more in benefits as unemployment is worse than expected. It is a shame that by paragraph four they have ended up using a Labour rent-a-quote (this time Douglas Alexander) to condemn the cuts.

The Telegraph – “Rubbish piles up after no collection in 4 weeks

Slightly odd story this one. The Telegraph claims it has “found” that many households have not had their rubbish collected for up to a month because of the terrible weather. Surely the people with piles of rotting rubbish are the ones who “found” this out? Absolutely no statistics either, and little idea of the extent to which this is widespread…

The Independent – “A disaster of biblical proportions

The Indy focuses on the flood in Queensland, Australia, which have devastated the area. A great picture leads the cover, but the story is relatively weak. There are devastating floods across the world and the paper doesn’t do enough to justify why it should be the lead.

The Times – “NHS wastes millions by overpaying for supplies”

Like the Guardian the Times has a wasted public money story, albeit a less interesting one. The head of the government-backed efficiency drive NHS Shared Business Services has told the paper that more than a billion pounds is being wasted every year as different NHS services pay variable rates for products.


One response to “The front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 3 January 2011

  1. “The Guardian has a strong story that will probably lead tomorrow’s headlines” – in the sense of “be completely ignored by absolutely every other media outlet”, apparently.

    Anyone would think there was a conspiracy afoot…

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