Front pages reviewed: Wednesday 5 January 2011

Tomorrow’s front pages are quite strong, with The Times and The Mail having really interesting leads.

The Times – “Revealed: conspiracy of silence on UK sex gangs”

It is rare that The Times leads with a really investigative piece but tonight they have a piece on Pakistani men abducting young white women in the north of England. Its quite interesting, and the general gist is that there needs to be more analysis of the racial angle of the story. I am sure this will provoke a few reactions but it is a provocative, well researched article on sex gangs in the UK.

The Independent – “Lib Dem support hits all-time low”

The Independent’s “poll of polls” shows that the Lib Dems support has fallen to only 11%. This is not really new, they have been polling at around 10-12% for months, so this is just another opportunity to kick Nick Clegg in the teeth.

The Telegraph – “One in 3 will miss out in rush for university”

Over 200,000 people will miss out on university this year, according to the Telegraph. This rush to get in to university before the fees go up to £9,000 was to be expected, but the extent is not actually that much higher than normal. If current trends continue then 17,000 more people will apply, with a 3% increase in those in England. Not too much here really.

The Mail – “Contraceptive implant alert”

The Mail has a strong story about a form of contraceptive in which a rod is inserted into the woman’s arm. Apparently this has apparently led to over 500 hundred women becoming pregnant against their will, with the NHS paying out hundreds of thousands of pounds in compensation.

The Guardian – “Care cuts leave elderly stuck in hospital”

50% of a survey of 502 doctors working in hospitals said that the phenomenon of “bed blocking”, when people remain in hospital despite being physically fit, is worse than last year – while another 40% think it has not got better. This costs the NHS around £170m a year.

If you only read one: The Times


2 responses to “Front pages reviewed: Wednesday 5 January 2011

  1. Um… assuming you mean hospital, not prison?

    Will pick up the Times tomorrow.

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