Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 12 January 2011

The Mail focuses on Miriam O’Reilly, the Guardian focuses on undercover police practices, the Times leads with an interesting dispute with China while the Telegraph has been tipped off about tomorrow’s government announcement.

The Mail –  “Woman who beat age bias at the BBC

The Mail hates the BBC more than anything and so Miriam O’Reilly’s victory over the corporation is a great opportunity for some Beeb bashing. The 53 year-old former Countryfile presenter was fired two years ago and finally won a case for unfair dismissal.

The Guardian – “Calls for inquiry into conduct of police spy”

The undercover police officer in the case of over 100 environmentalists used sex as a “tactic” to glean intelligence, the paper alleges. One of his conquests said: “In a general sense, there is the feeling that if somebody was being paid to
have sex with me, that gives me a sense of having been violated.” The paper has campaigned a lot on police tactics in the past year so this story follows in that trend.

The Independent – “No apologies, no restraint, no shame

The paper reports on Barclays boss Bob Diamond’s appearance at the Treasury Select Committee in which he said that the period of banker bashing should be over.

 The Times – “Britain and EU clash on arms sales to China”

Interesting one this, particularly with David Cameron’s usually pragmatic approach to foreign relations. The paper claims that the PM is refusing to allow the EU to reform arms trade rules with China because of the country’s record on human rights. Cameron has been incredibly pragmatic on foreign relations so far, criticising Pakistan in India and vice versa. He has in particular been very keen to attract investment from emerging economies so I would be suprised if he is really willing to fight Europe over this.

The Telegraph – “Cancer: GPs given powers to help save 5,000 lives”

The paper has been tipped off about an £800m government drive to increase cancer survival rate. The health secretary Andrew Lansley will announce the money on Wednesday lunchtime, so the paper has been selected to preview the news. But it feels like a very ‘Thick of It’ announcement, with money going towards an “awareness campaign”…

If you only read one: Guardian


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