What a mug…

Here is an exclusive I just got while working for the Hendon Times. The local MP here nearly went blind after he dropped a mug on his face…

HENDON MP Matthew Offord was lucky not to be blinded after being hit by a coffee mug in a freak accident.

The Conservative MP had to have laser treatment on his right eye after being hit by a cup in his own home.

 Mr Offord was making tea in his galley-type kitchen shortly after New Year when he opened a high cupboard to get a mug.

Reaching up he accidentally knocked off his favourite mug, which tumbled off the shelf and hit the MP below his right eye before smashing on the ground.

Initially Mr Offord, a keen adventurer, did not think the problem was serious and was more concerned about the loss of his best mug with a quote from a T E Lawrence on it.

  It was only the following day that he realised he had problems with his eye and had to be rushed to Accident and Emergency and was told he needed the operation.

  He said: “When it happened I was just upset about the mug. It was my favourite as it had the quote ‘all men dream: but not equally’ on it.

“I had got it a few years ago when a Labour councillor said about me: ‘He wants to be MP, he can dream’.”

“I was worried the retina would detach butluckily it didn’t. I had laser surgery and it worked, luckily.”

The incident may have long-term effects for the people of the area, as Mr Offord declared he would campaign to improve doctors’ surgeries after not being able to see a GP.

He added: “I couldn’t get a GP’s appointment in the area. In the end I went to A and E in Hampstead.

“There is a problem across the country. I don’t see why A&E should be an extension of GPs. It will be something I will take up with the health minister.”

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