Front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 13 January 2011

The Telegraph leads with pensions, the Indy goes with the crisis in Brisbane, the Guardian continues to campaign on undercover methods used by the police and The Times has a great interview with the French prime minister.

The Telegraph – “Pension payouts will be cut under reforms”

The government’s proposals to introduce compulsary pensions is given an advance preview. The paper has taken a very critical view of the proposals, saying that higher paid workers (i.e. Telegraph readers) will lose out as employers cut their pension contributions.

The Independent – “The City that drowned

The Indy focusses on the Brisbane floods, saying that “thousands are homeless as raging floods devastate Brisbane.” Not much added but a great photograph on the front page that captures the scale of the disaster.

The Times – “Britain must help us save the Euro, warns French PM.”

The paper has an interesting interview with the French prime minister Francois Fillon in which he challenges the UK to make the eurozone work. He says: “The question is: is the UK ready to accept or encourage greater integration of the eurozone or is the UK distrustful of that and will it create obstacles and make it more difficult to happen?”

The Guardian – “Revealed: second spy who spent years as activist”

Like last night the paper splashes with the use of undercover techniques to infilitrate environmental groups. Tonight it alleges that there was a second undercover police officer in the group and they have identified her (though not named her for legal reasons). It is hardly suprising, however, that if the police had an undercover officer they would have more than one. But good reporting anyway.

If you only read one: The Times


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