Front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 17 January 2011

I have been waiting for Robert Fisk to write about Tunisia all weekend and he finally does so tonight in the Indy. The Guardian and The Times have almost identical stories (expect that to change by tomorrow morning as they frantically change things for the second edition), The Mail has Nick Clegg and The Telegraph reports on a speech Cameron will make.

The Guardian – “Surgeons hit over NHS operations ban”

The President of the Royal College of Surgeons of England has been criticising NHS cuts (as you would expect him to do), by saying that  NHS primary care trusts (PCTs) are pursuing a “dangerous course by refusing treatment to patients, who will then suffer unnecessary pain and have less chance of recovering fully.” John Black has obviously decided to break his silence on the issue and has done a full interview with the Guardian by the looks of things.

The Independent – “The brutal truth about Tunisia”

I have been waiting all weekend for this article and now I can only read the first five paragraphs. The wonderful Middle East reporter Robert Fisk (undoubtedly the paper’s bigges star) writes about the situation in Tunisia for the first time but it is not yet up on the internet so I can only read the bit on the front page. It is fine, but I am sure there will be more gems inside. Anyone wanting to learn about the history of the Middle East should pick up this paper…

The Times – “Reforms to NHS ‘run risk of disaster'”

Seemingly a carbon copy of the Guardian’s story, just with different people criticising the NHS reforms. The Times has received a letter from the heads of six health unions, including the British Medical Association and the Royal College of Nursing, disclosing their “extreme concerns” about plans to commercialise the NHS. These NHS reforms are potentially disastrous in both political and real terms and all the papers are pushing hard on them.

The Mail – “Fathers to get 10 months off”

The Mail reports that Nick Clegg is to introduce up to 10 months of paid paternity leave. It is completely unclear, however, how Nick Clegg (in his role as deputy PM) can be responsible for legislation that would surely come out of the Work and Pensions department.

The Telegraph – “12 months to save schools and NHS”

David Cameron is to make a speech in which he will say that the things the government is doing are necessary and exciting and that the other things he is not doing are crap. The Telegraph has this as its front page.

If you only read one: The Independent,


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