Front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 20 January 2011

 Really sorry to have missed the last two days. I am in deepest, darkest Norfolk for the week and have had no internet for long periods at a time. As it is such bad signal here it will only upload three papers, so just The Telegraph, The Indy and The Times reviewed below. Normal service when I back in London next week.

The Telegraph – “Tory chief attacks ‘bigotry’ against Muslims

Baroness Warsi is going to criticise the creeping Islamophobia that has become ingrained in British society on Thursday.

The Independent – “Poisoned spring

The world’s honeybees have been in trouble for a few years now, but the Indy has highlighted them as in serious trouble because of new pesticides. Seems more like the kind of front cover the I Paper should do.

The Times – “Billionaires’ block of flats marks doom in gloom”

I might be wrong but methinks the Times has a story that it is holding onto for the later edition of tonight’s paper. This is really not a big story, expect something else on the front page by the time you pick it up tomorrow.


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