Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 26 January 2011

The Guardian leads with Palestine again, though arguably there is a more interesting story in the Middle East at the moment. The other papers all lead with the terrible economic news except for the Mail which has an interesting analysis of National Insurance payments.

The Guardian – “Secret files reveal MI6 blueprint for Hamas crackdown” A little suprised that the Guardian has not chosen to lead with Egypt/Tunisia instead of this story, which is the same documents they have led with for the past two days. These documents reveal that British intelligence helped draw up a secret plan a crackdown on Hamas in Gaza and these became the basis of the Palestinian Authority’s plan.

The Independent – “King: I see trouble ahead”

The Indy leads with the economic figures released on Tuesday and Mervyn King’s, the Governor of the Bank of England, warning of the potential of stagflation.

The Times – “Fears over double dip as families face big squeeze”

The paper leads with the horrific economic figures released on Tuesday. The chief economist at PwC has called the figures “shockingly bad” and said they raise the possibility of a double dip recession. One of the first signs that the right-wing papers might be turning on the government on the economy.

The Telegraph – “Standard of living to plunge, says Bank Governor

The Telegraph also leads with Mervyn King’s warning that households face real terms decreases in their quality of lives if the economy continues to falter.


The Mail – “Pensions hit by new tax bungle

This is quite an interesting piece about National Insurance payments not being matched to workers records. Apparently in between 2004-9 over 9.3 million NI payments have not been matched to workers’ records, meaning that millions have paid the wrong amount in taxation. But it is unclear how many people are affected by this, so the story is a little weak.

If you only read one: The Times, probably.


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