Front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 27 January 2011

The Times leads with Egypt, the Indy and the Guardian have yet another field day on the News of the World scandal, The Telegraph has a story about defence and the Mail leads with speed cameras.

The Times – “Hundreds held as police launch Cairo crackdown” The paper splashes with the protests in Egypt and the 900 people arrested by the security forces there. Interesting that The Times is the first to splash with the story. I would have expected The Guardian to have done so by now. The piece is a nice sumamry with a good quote from Hillary Clinton in which she manages to hedge her bets well.

The Daily Mail – “Half of speed cameras aren’t working”

Classic Mail story this about ‘postcode lotteries’. Less than half of the country’s speed cameras are actually working, according to a new study. This, however, fails to point out that the reason most of them were turned off was because of a prolonged campaign spearheaded by none other than the Daily Mail.

The Telegraph – “Scrapping nimrods ‘risks UK security'” The paper turns something from its letter pages into a front page lead, with former defence chiefs writing to the paper to say that the government’s decision to scrap nine Nimrod aircrafts has meant that a “massive gap in British security has opened.”

The Independent – “Phone hacking: the next turn of the screw” The paper leads with the sacking of the News of the World’s new editor (who was suspended a few ago over the phone hacking story). But once he had been suspended it was to be expected that he would go so the story is flat. There was only one real sacking today and it was Keys.

The Guardian – “Police reopen investigation into hacking at the News of the World” Like the Independent, the story is a little dull and a bit self indulgent. The police have reopened files into the phone hacking case, which is interesting but there is no other new information. So by the second paragraph they are forced to speculate on why Rupert Murdoch is in London, who is “said to be in town to deal with both the phone-hacking scandal that has engulfed the paper and his corporation’s bid to take complete control of BSkyB”

If you only read one: The Times


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