Front pages reviewed: Monday 31 January 2011

The Times and the Indy lead with Egypt, the Mail has an interesting investigation into deaths in care homes while the Telegraph has the announcement of fewer teacher training places.

The Times – “The soldier pointed his bayonet at me and smiled. Welcome to Egypt, he said.” James Hider’s first-person piece in Cairo is good but it is inevitably overshadowed by Robert Fisk in the Indy, who is in his element at the moment.

The Independent – “Egypy engulfed: How much longer can Mubarak cling on?”

Fisk writes brilliantly and his status as the Indy’s star writer means he is able to take a unique stance. “The old lady in the red scarf was standing inches from the front of an American-made M1 Abrams tank of the Egyptian Third Army, right on the edge of Tahrir Square.” What a wonderfully evocative opening line, taking the reader into the street of Cairo in the way that a great novel does.

The Daily Mail – “600 die of thirst in care homes

Interesting bit of journalism here. The Mail asked the Office for National Statistics to analyse the death certificates of all peoplw who died in care homes between 2005 and 2009. 667 people died of dehydration and 157 of malnutrition.

The Telegraph – “Showdown looming overt cuts in teacher training”

The government is to announce that the number of students training to work in secondary schools is to fall by 2,000 from September.


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