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Blair’s legacy won’t be Iraq, it will be PFI

In 20 years time future generations will look back on the Iraq War with a kind of bemused disinterest. In much the same way my generation view Vietnam or Korea as rather odd footnotes to a grand narrative rather dramatically called the Cold War, these generations will feel nothing of the polemic passion of 2003, just a strange sense of confusion.

Not so with PFI. The Private Finance Initiatives agreed in the Tony Blair years won’t feel like abstract oddities of a bygone era. They will be real and pressing concerns for a generation  still paying the price for the last two decades of spending.

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Front pages reviewed at midnight: Tuesday 25 January 2011

Tonight’s front pages contain three good stories, one great story and the Daily Mail… The Telegraph is an absolute must read for anyone interested in the current economic crisis.

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Exclusive: Steve Coogan lays into Andy Coulson

Exclusive quote from Steve Coogan here about Andy Coulson’s demise.

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Front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 20 January 2011

 Really sorry to have missed the last two days. I am in deepest, darkest Norfolk for the week and have had no internet for long periods at a time. As it is such bad signal here it will only upload three papers, so just The Telegraph, The Indy and The Times reviewed below. Normal service when I back in London next week.

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Front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 17 January 2011

I have been waiting for Robert Fisk to write about Tunisia all weekend and he finally does so tonight in the Indy. The Guardian and The Times have almost identical stories (expect that to change by tomorrow morning as they frantically change things for the second edition), The Mail has Nick Clegg and The Telegraph reports on a speech Cameron will make.

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MPs ‘editing their own Wikipedia entries’

Great article by the Tom Scott on how MPs apparently try to edit their own Wikipedia pages to take out the awkward stuff like their expenses record…

My favourite bit is this:

The ‘sweeping things under the carpet’ award goes to the anonymous editor of the article on Joan Ryan, the former MP for Enfield North. Ever since June 2009, someone within Parliament has been persistently trying to remove the section about Ryan’s involvement in the MPs’ expenses scandal. Sometimes the section would vanish for just a few minutes; sometimes it would disappear for weeks before being noticed and replaced — but reliably, every couple of months or so until the General Election, someone within Parliament would try and sneakily wipe the past. Except on weekends, that is, when identical blanking attempts would come from an anonymous user in Joan Ryan’s constituency of Enfield.”

Front pages reviewed at midnight: Friday 14 January 2011

Bit suprised that the Oldham by-election has not been a bigger story this week. I guess its because we all know that Labour is going to win, but I am suprised that none of the papers have led with it tonight on the eve of the result. The Guardian goes with prison riots, the Indy leads with a Johann Hari comment piece, The Times has a story about babies and The Telegraph leads on petrol prices.

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