Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 2 February 2011

The Guardian, The Times and the Indy all lead with Mubarak but the Telegraph has a story that on any other night would lead the news bulletins.


The Guardian – “Power to the people: Mubarak finally bows to the inevitable”

The Guardian reports on the ageing Egyptian dictator’s attempts to leave power gracefully despite street millions of people protesting on the streets. The story is basically just a summing up of the day’s events, with particular notice given to his press conference.

The Independent – “Cairo yesterday. A million demanded change.”

A wonderful picture of the sprawls of people protesting against Mubarak in Cairo, though there is no text on the front page for me to discuss.

The Times – “Mubarak’s long goodbye” The Times also has a fairly straight retelling of the day’s events, though I like the little detail that President Obama also urged him that his time was up.

The Telegraph – “The 9/11 gang that got away”

The Telegraph’s refusal to put Egypt on the front pages at all this week is backed up by an incredible story given to them by Wikileaks. There are, the paper alleges, four men who were closely involved with planning 9/11 from within the US who have never before been publically identified. While it was widely accepted that many people based abroad were never caught for plotting to bring down the Twin Towers these men were in the US until days before the attacks.

If you ony read one: The Telegraph

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