Front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 3 February 2011

The Indy and The Guardian lead with Egypt, The Telegraph has some more Wikileaks and The Times has an interview with the country’s top family law judge.

The Times – “Top judge’s charter for unmarried couple”

Obviously bored of leading on Egypt, The Times goes with comments made by the UK’s top family law judge Sir Nicholas Wall in which he says that cohabiting couples should have more rights. Sir Nicholas said: “Women cohabitees, in particular, are severely disadvantaged by being unable to claim maintenance and having their property rights determined by the conventional laws of trusts.” This story does fall a little flat, however, as these reforms are largely accepted as necessary in modern Britain. Very few Times readers would still put forward the ‘sanctity of marriage’ argument.

The Guardian – “The Battle for Egypt”

A staunchly pro-revolution first line here, essentially accusing President Mubarak of paying supporters to beat people up. “Egypt’s pro-democracy revolution descended into violence and bloodshed yesterday as President Hosni Mubarak’s regime launched a co-ordinated bid to wrest back control of city streets, crush the popular uprising, and reassert its authority over the country.”

The Telegraph – “US threats to China over ‘star wars’ arms race

Determined not to put Egypt as their top story, The Telegraph reveal some more from their latest Wikileaks dump. Tonight’s revelations concern the increasing conflicts between China and the US over so-called ‘space wars’, with both countries allegedly shooting down their own satellites to prove that they had the power to do so.

The Independent – “‘The sky was filled with rocks.”

You can almost feel the world’s focus on Egypt slipping away. Suddenly Robert Fisk’s reports from Tahrir Square are less exciting, less urgent. It is, of course, well written but it lacks some of the enthusiasm of the past few days.

If you only read one: The Telegraph

2 responses to “Front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 3 February 2011

  1. I love this blog, it’s like “yay, now I don’t have to read the papers,” and then I run out and buy them anyway.

    BTW, you illustrated the Telegraph’s paragraph with a picture of the Times.

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