Front pages reviewed at midnight: Friday 4 February 2011

The Guardian and the Indy are desperate not to put Egypt on the front page but have nothing better to replace it with, while The Times goes the other way and bumps Egypt up. The Telegraph continues to revel in its Wikileaks dump.

The Guardian – “Official: ‘soft’ A-levels damage chance of top university place”. The Russell Group of top universities are to release a report confirming that they favour ‘traditional’ A-levels like history and maths, rather than ‘soft’ subjects like media. “If you plan to take more than one perceived ‘soft’ subject, some caution may be needed,” the guidebook warns. Hardly revolutionary stuff though. You suspect that they have just decided that they didn’t want Egypt on the front page.

The Independent – “This picture should make everyone fearful” A drought in the Amazon rainforest last year meant that up to eight billion tonnes of carbon dioxide was expelled into the atmosphere, according to scientists. It is unclear, however, why this is news as it happened last year and there doesn’t appear to be a new report.

The Times – “Egypt faces showdown on ‘day of departure'” Interesting that the night that The Guardian and The Indy decided not to lead with Egypt for the first time in days that The Times takes it up again. Egypt’s pro-democracy campaigners plan to give their President a ‘fresh ultimatum’ today and demand that he steps down. Don’t really see how that is different to what they have been calling for all week.

The Telegraph – “MI6 warns of suicide bomb wave” A senior MI6 official briefed a visiting American Congressman that British-born suicide bombers “will not go away any time soon.” The documents, obtained by Wikileaks, come after Lord Carlile  produced a report that warned that human rights rulings had made Britain a “safe haven” for suspected foreign terrorists.

If you only read one: The Telegraph again

2 responses to “Front pages reviewed at midnight: Friday 4 February 2011

  1. I’m going to buy the Independent. I can see how there’s no obvious peg for a front page on Amazonian drought but isn’t that what the Indie does well? Step back from the stories dominating the newsdesks and shine a light somewhere surprising. If we’re expecting more Egypt, maybe its absence makes us more attentive to what replaces it…..

    • That’s true Holly and sometimes I think it does it brilliantly. I just felt that it could have been sitting on that story for weeks just waiting for a slow night. But maybe I am wrong…

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