Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 9 February 2011

The Guardian and The Indy have Tory funding, The Telegraph has alzheimers (perhaps literally) while The Times and The Mail have no story at all. No prizes for guessing what image of the night is (though I did call it earlier), with all the papers bar the Indy having the shot of Meryl Streep as Lady Thatcher

The Guardian – “Revealed: 50% of Tory funds come from City

The increasingly brilliant and influential Bureau for Investigative Journalism (BIJ) has a real scoop tonight, so much so that The Guardian and The Indy splash with it. £11.4m (or 50.7%) of the Conservatives’ donations last year came from the City of London compared with only £2.7m (or 25%) of its funding originally. Pretty soon, however, the article descends into the debates in parliament between Ed Balls and George Osborne, before a Labour MP is quoted condemning the Conservatives’ cosy relationship with the City. It could have done with more of the actual BIJ data.

The Indy – “Revealed: how the City bankrolls the Tory party”

The exact same statistics are used by the Indy, though in a slightly more aggresive tone. The opening line is: “The Conservative Party has become reliant on bankers, hedge fund managers and private equity moguls for more than half its annual income, an independent analysis of Tory finances has revealed”.

The Daily Mail – “Victory”

The paper congratulates itself on three campaigns it has ‘won’ against “cowboy clampers, ‘Big Brother’ police DNA databases and town hall snoopers.” Yawn.

The Times – “Hague tells ‘belligerent’ Israelis to soften line”

The foreign secretary William Hague has said that this is “a time to inject greater urgency into the Middle East peace process.” Like he would ever say anything else. Its only because he said it exclusively to The Times that this gets anywhere near the front page.

The Telegraph – “Britain faces dementia catastrophe

Alzheimer’s Rescue have launched a new campaign, fronted by Terry Pratchett, calling on the government and the scientific community to improve research into dementia.


4 responses to “Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 9 February 2011

  1. You wrote “all the papers bar the Indy having the shot of Helen Mirren as Lady Thatcher”. It’s Meryl Streep not Dame Helen Mirren.

    • I made a deliberate mistake there just to test you… Congratulations to you three for being much smarter than me. It is definitely Meryl Streep instead of Helen Mirren. Apologies

  2. Er… that’s not Helen Mirren! 🙂

  3. Obviously the subs – based in a shed in Australia – were getting their own back on CJ. In truth, it’s Meryl Streep impersonating Helen Mirren.

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