Front pages reviewed: Thursday 10 February 2011

The Times and The Guardian have Egypt, The Daily Mail launches a campaign to urge MPs to vote against the prison vote bill, The Telegraph has NHS reforms and The Indy again leads with phone hacking.

The Times – “Saudis told Obama not to humiliate Mubarak”

An unnamed ‘senior’ Saudi source has told the Times that they are willing to prop up President Mubarak until he resigns in September, even if the US goes against him. On January 29 King Abdullah told President Obama not to cut its aid program to Egypt as President Mubarak was a close ally and colleague.

The Telegraph – “Call NHS Direct if you want to visit your GP

People wanting to book an appointment with their GP may have to ring NHS Direct – the central government bureau – to do so. So much for decentralisation.

The Guardian – “Egyptian army ‘involved in torture and detentions’

The military in Egypt have been secretely targeting and arresting anti-government protesters, according to testimony gathered by the paper. I hate to say this but who is really suprised that a dictatorial regime under the most sustained pressure in its history resorts to illegal tactics. They used torture before, why would they not do it now?

 The Independent – “Phone hacking: police uncover more evidence

Scotland Yard has said that more people’s phones were hacked by the News of the World than previously thought. I feel like I has been reading this same headline again and again for months.

The Daily Mail – “Stand up for Britain’s rights

The Mail urges Parliament to vote against the bill which would allow some prisoners to vote in elections. The vote is this afternoon but it is looking increasingly likely that parliament will defy the European Court of Human Rights.

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