Front pages reviewed at midnight: Tuesday 15 February 2011

The Indy, Times and Telegraph lead with a new report by the NHS Ombudsman, the Guardian has an exclusive about environmentalists and the Mail moans about councillors’ pay.

The Daily Mail – “Doing your civic duty never paid so well

The amount councillors are paid across the country has risen above inflation over the past five years to the ‘massive’ figure of just over £20,000 a councillor.

The Guardian – “Revealed: how big business spies on green activists

Paul Lewis and Rob Evans have an exclusive about E:On, Britain’s second largest energy company, and Scottish Power paying a private security firm to secretly monitor environmental activists. Leaked documents show that the firm’s owner Rebecca Todd had snooped on environmentalists’ emails. And they did this leak all themselves, without the help of Julian Assange. Almost like the old days eh?

The Independent – “Hungry, thirsty, unwashed: NHS treatment of the elderly condemned”

The National Health Service Ombudsman has said that elderly people in the NHS have been treated badly. A new report into 10 cases shows that “Patients were left hungry and thirsty, unwashed, in soiled clothes, without adequate pain relief or an emergency call button in reach.” The shame of how we treat our old people is a continuing theme in the UK and this latest report brings this to light again.

The Telegraph – “NHS shamed over callous treatment of the elderly

The Telegraph tells the same story as the Indepedent, albeit with a much tighter news style. The paper also has a number of quotes from Ann Abraham, who is the ombudsman for NHS standards. She says: “The reasonable expectation that an older person or their family may have of a dignified, pain-free end of life care in clean surroundings in hospital is not being fulfilled. Instead, these accounts present a picture of NHS provision that is failing to meet even the most basic standards of care.”

The Times – “NHS has failed elderly, says damning report”

The Times has the same story, using the same quote as The Telegraph (though The Times admits this comes from the report whereas the Telegraph doesn’t).

If you only read one: The Times

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