Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 16 February 2011

The Guardian has an important scoop about the Iraq War, The Times has paedophiles, the Mail and the Telegraph follow up on today’s story about old age pensioners and The Independent has an interesting lead on oil.

The Guardian – “Defector who triggered war on Iraq admits ‘I lied about WMD'”

Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi, on of the key sources for the White House claims that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq before the 2003 war, has said that he fabricated the claims. The only sad thing is that this comes a few years too late; the major players are all gone, their reputations spoiled and Iraq is still a mess.

The Times – “Offenders get right to challenge life term on sex register”

Paedophiles and sex offenders could have the chance to appeal to have their names removed from the sex offenders list. Some of the 34,000 registered sex offenders in the UK will be able to appeal that they no longer represent a threat to the public.

The Telegraph – “Baby boomer wealth ‘must fund their old-age care'”

Lord Warner, who is drafting plans for elderly care in the UK for the government, has said that the baby boomer generation have “done pretty well” and that their old-age care should not be subsidised by taxpayers’ as heavily as in previous generations.

The Independent – “A dirty fight”

When the Independent is at its best it takes an important issue that for whatever reason goes virtually unnoticed by the rest of the media and highlights it in glorious colour. Tonight it does just that. It splashes with a court case in Ecuador in which the oil giant Chevron has been told to pay £5.3bn in damages for polluting a swathe of the Amazon river. The ruling yesterday is now going to be appealed against by the corporation.

The Mail – “Elderly facing eviction from NHS beds”

Following on from yesterday’s damning report by the NHS Ombudsman, the Mail leads with the revelation that trespassing laws could be used to stop old people ‘bed-blocking’, i.e. refusing to go home when they are well enough.

If you only read one: Independent tonight.

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