Front pages reviewed at midnight: Tuesday 22 February 2011

Another night where all the newspapers bemoan the fact they have no one in Libya. The Times and The Guardian have the same reporters as last night, both of whom summarise other coverage. The Indy has a special report by Robert Fisk on Gaddafi, but Fisk is currently in Beirut.

The Guardian – “Death is everywhere – Gaddafi lashes out as power slips away”

A good summary of the day’s events.

The Times – “The bloody Colonel” The Times makes clear to the reader within the first line that it has nobody remotely near Tripoli: “Warplanes were attacking pro-democracy protesters in Tripoli and preparing to bomb Libya’s second city of Benghazi, Arabic television stations reported last night.”

The Independent – “Cruel. Vainglorious. Steeped in blood”

Robert Fisk is basically just discussing his relationship with and opinion of Gaddafi. Interesting nevertheless. See the first line, for example. “So even the old, paranoid, crazed fox of Libya – the pallid, infantile, droop-cheeked dictator from Sirte, owner of his own female praetorian guard, author of the preposterous Green Book, who once announced he would ride to a Non-Aligned Movement summit in Belgrade on his white charger is going to ground. Or gone.”

The Daily Telegraph – “Millions with high blood pressure are misdiagnosed”

The paper maintains its stance of keeping the Middle East off the front cover. Millions of people who are suspected of having high blood pressure may not actually have it because they have pre-doctor nerves. That is the gist of the rather trivial story.

If you only read one: Watch Al Jazeera English instead…




One response to “Front pages reviewed at midnight: Tuesday 22 February 2011

  1. Not a trivial story for the Telegraph’s core readership whose blood pressure is kept high from a diet of stories that threaten life as we know it.

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