Front pages reviewed: Thursday 24 February 2011

Sorry this wasn’t done last night. Was working through the night. The Guardian and Indy both have reports from inside Libya, The Times and The Mail focus on the failure to rescue stranded Brits and the Telegraph goes with bed blocking in the NHS.

The Guardian – “Inside Libya’s first free city” Martin Chulov becomes the first Western journalist to enter Benghazi since the revolution began and paints an evocative picture of the state of the city.

The Times – “Mercy flights fiasco” Both The Times and The Mail focus on the badly organised rescue mission to get British people out of Libya. The planes that were due to take Brits back to the UK never got off the ground because of ‘technical faults’.

The Daily Mail – “British rescue turns to farce”

The Mail focuses on the same story as the Times, with 500 terrified Britons being trapped in Libya while the deputy prime minister Nick Clegg is on holiday.

The Independent – “Tripoli: a city in the shadow of death”

Robert Fisk yet again proves his credentials as a first-rate news journalist by being the first journo to report from Tripoli since the Libyan uprising began.

The Telegraph – “Bed blocking crisis in NHS as cuts hit care homes

The “chronic underfunding” of care homes will mean that thousands of British people have no where to go when they are old. This crisis is “intolerable” as half of NHS wards are going to be filled with old people who should be care homes, according to a new report.


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