Cameron’s statement is the final nail in Gaddafi’s coffin

So far the govt have been hedging their bets a little across the Middle East. They have tended to condemn governments like Mubarak’s in Egypt and Ben Ali’s in Tunisia only when it is certain that they were going.

So tonight’s statement by David Cameron must be the final death knoll in Gaddafi’s coffin.

The PM said: “We are now putting serious pressure on this regime, we’ve put in place today a travel ban, asset freeze, there’ll be further export measures that will be taken as well in the coming hours. All of this I think sends a very clear message to this regime, it is time for Colonel Gaddafi to go and to go now, there is no future for Libya that includes him.”

This is a turning point. So far the West has called for an immediate stop to all violence and an “orderly transition” but these words could not be any more unequivocal. If even the traditionally pragmatic (to say the least) British are saying it is time then Mad Dog’s days are numbered. Hundreds of people may die in the coming days unnecessarily but he will go.

4 responses to “Cameron’s statement is the final nail in Gaddafi’s coffin

  1. It’ll be just like that here when we finally get rid of the ruling classes. It’s coming down to the wire now 🙂


    • How do you mean Bill? That there is a reliance on top down statements or that Cameron comes from the ruling class? I am not sure I believe this idea going round that the Middle Eastern revolutions will have a knock on effect in the UK.

  2. Why not? The UK has the same level of youth employment as Egypt – twenty percent – and significantly among the middle class graduates. I blame the parents.

  3. final death knoll in Gaddafi’s coffin
    Nail? Knoll? Knell?

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