Front pages reviewed: Monday 28 February 2011

 The Telegraph’s scoop is dull but they have a fantastic scoop on the back pages, with an England cricketer announcing he is gay. The Times has an exclusive with Tony Blair, The Guardian has a report from 30 miles from Tripoli and The Mail has cancer.

The Times – “Return of Blair the broker”

Fascinating scoop from The Times, who have got an exclusive interview with Tony Blair about his decision to bring Colonel Gaddafi into the political mainstream. The quotes are not incredible, but there are some interesting admissions including the fact that he has personally spoken to the Gaddafi in recent days and told him his time is up and the Gaddafi genuinely believes that Al Qaeda are behind the protests. He also defends making an ally of Gaddafi in recent years.

The Daily Mail – “1 in 4 cancer cases missed”

Thousands of cancer sufferers are not diagnosed early enough, according a survey by something called the Rarer Cancers Foundation. I know almost nothing about this organisation, so have to be a little careful about how reliable the study is. Anyone know anything else they have done?

Telegraph – “Britain cuts flow of money to pariah Gaddafi”

The Telegraph has splashed with the contagion in the Middle East only a handful of times in the past three months so it seems odd that they have chosen to do so today. Nothing really interesting here, just a summary of the weekend’s events. Interesting piece, here, though about the England cricketer Steven Davies announcing he is gay. A massive taboo in sport, and potentially a massive story. He provides the picture.

The Independent – Is this the man to wrest power from Gaddafi? Looks like an interesting profile of Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, the man who would like to leads Libya. This man appears to be incredibly keen to ingratiate himself with the West. Last week the former Justice Minister was the “reliable source” who said that Gaddafi ordered the Lockerbie bombing that was printed so uncritically across the media. He should not be treated as an impartial source.

The Guardian – “Thirty miles from Tripoli – frontline in the Libya revolt” Peter Beaumont has a fantastic front line report from Libya, with nice first hand colour written in. When nothing has changed in terms of events a first-hand piece can be a great way to reinvent the news.

If you only read one: Times front page, but Telegraph has the most interesting story with Steven Davies.


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