Front pages reviewed: Tuesday 1 March 2011

All the papers bar The Indy focus on the increasing pressure put on Gaddafi with The Mail, Telegraph and Times having almost identical headlines. There must be nothing in the news…

The Independent – “A father and son reunited. A secret court forced to open its doors” A Court of Protection, on which there is normally a ban on reporting as they deal with vulnerable people, has been opened up to press coverage after a campaign from The Indy. Interesting that they don’t state why the man was taken away from his autistic son.

The Times – “Britain ready to use force to free Libya”

Nato and Britain’s allies are making plans to send warplanes to Libya and arm rebels to force out Gaddafi, according to The Times. The article focuses on quotes from Cameron, with the quote: “We do not in any way rule out the
use of military assets. In that context, I have asked the Ministry of Defence
and the Chief of the Defence Staff to work with our allies on plans for a military no-fly zone.”

The Daily Mail – “We’ll use force to free Libya, warns PM

The Mail has the same story as the Times but has some good details, done usefully with bullet points. These include:

  • Papers revealed UK forces have trained Libyan troops in Britain;
  • Gaddafi’s son Saif repeated his pledge that the regime would ‘fight to the last bullet’ and
  • The Pentagon started moving warships in preparation to police a no-fly zone;
  • The Telegraph – “West is ready to use force against Gaddafi”

    For a paper that ignored the Middle East for months, suddenly The Telegraph has put it on the front pages two days in a row. Must be a really quiet night…

    The Guardian – “US tightens military grip on Gaddafi” The paper reports on the forces closing in on Libya as Cameron plans no-fly zone to protect civilians.


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