Front pages reviewed: Wednesday 2 March 2011

The Times and the Telegraph unsurprisingly lead with the defence cuts, the Mail goes with the price of a damily holiday, the Indy is the only paper leading with events in Libya while the Guardian has a story about fish. That is not a joke.

The Times – “Britain’s threbare defences exposed” The paper says that the announcement of job losses in the armed forces is a sign of Britain’s weakness in the same week that Cameron has been threatening military invasion in Libya. Nice third paragraph on the sack that the MOD will be embarrassed by the statistic that only one in seven of Britain’s next generation of fighter pilots will be fully trained.

Daily Mail – £160 on your family holiday

Thomas Cook and Thomson, the UK’s two biggest package holiday firms, are imposing fuel surcharges of between £15 and £40 on each passenger. The Mail therefore calculates that this equates to £40 times 4 for a family and so is £160. The reason it is not £15 times 4 is simply that the headline “£60 on you family holiday” is much less shocking. However the figures will be a major issue for many families.

The Telegraph – “Troops on front line told they face sack” A great piece of number trickery here to create a fantastically engaging first line.

“ALMOST the entire contingent of Britain’s 10,000 troops in Afghanistan have been told they could be sacked within months after ministers disclosed plans to get rid of one in 10 members of the Armed Forces.” While it is true that the army is getting rid of up to 10,000 soldiers it is brilliant piece of writing to relate this to the war in Afghanistan. The message of the article is conveyed clearly in the first line – these jobs cuts will mean we will lose in Afghanistan.

The Independent – “Panic on borders as chaos engulfs Libya” Robert Fisk has a good analysis from the border between Libya and Tunisia where thousands of people are trying to flee Gaddafi’s regime. Interestingly the Tunisian state forces, particularly the army, are using force against those who are fleeing. That might tell us as much about the state of Tunisia’s revolution 6 weeks on as we need to know.

The Guardian – Europe to ban ‘discarding’ of unwanted fish

An interesting story with a woefully dull headline. The EU has announced a major change to its fisheries policies (it is interesting, I promise) whereby fisherman will no longer have to throw away fish they catch but don’t have a quota to catch. Around half of fish caught in the North Sea are thrown back, usually dead, because the EU imposes strict quotas on the numbers of fish for each country.

If you only read one: The Telegraph for great use of sensationalism

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  1. japan is in a crisis right now

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