Front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 7 March 2011

Sorry about the lack of blogging this week, work commitments sadly. The papers are bored of Libya evidently with The Times, Telegraph and Mail all leading with slightly different versions of the Prince Andrew story, the Guardian attacking the government’s NHS reforms. The Indy still soldiers on with Libya, however.

The Times – No 10 adds pressure on Duke to resign

Is it me or is this whole Duke of York thing a little overblown? I accept having a friend who is a paedophile is a serious problem but paedophiles don’t tend to announce themselves. Anyway The Times leads with the revelation that Downing Street (the inanimate building) would ‘shed no tears’ if he was fired. This in turn is ramped up in…

The Telegraph – “Duke pays price for his links to sex scandal”

… The Telegraph, which claims that he is due to be downgraded in the British envoy stakes. If this is true this is an interesting development and would be a scoop for The Telegraph if they got it the night before everyone else. Expect The Times’ article to be very different by the morning.

The Daily Mail – “Abuser paid Fergie’s debt” The Mail has its own Prince Andrew exclusive with the revelation that Fergie had her debt paid by the now convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The Guardian – “NHS shakeup risks return to 1930s – doctors

Its good that someone is really putting the pressure on the govt about these potentially damaging reforms but couldn’t they have thought of a better title? The Chairman of the British Medical Association has launched a scathing attack on the government’s reforms to the NHS, saying that private firms will cherry pick who to treat.

The Independent – “America’s secret plan to arm Libya’s rebels

Another good exclusive from Fisk, with the revelation that the Americans have asked the Saudis to arm the Libyan rebels. The Saudis are apparently yet to reply to this response but will probably oblige. The Independent has had a really good couple of months with Fisk’s expert knowledge of the Middle East finally making it worth paying his large wages for the past few years.

If you onle read one: The Independent


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