Front pages reviewed at midnight: Tuesday 8 March 2011

The Mail and Telegraph lead with pension reforms, The Times keeps attacking Prince Andrew, The Guardian has some more on police chiefs while the Indy splashes with Belarus.


The  Mail – “Pension victory for stay at home mothers

The Mail leads with Iain Duncan Smith’s reforms to the welfare system, with changes meaning that women who have a career break to raise children are no longer ‘punished’ by receiving lower pension contributions. The Max Hastings comment piece that is trailed on the front page has an amazing headline: “If only someone had spanked Andrew’s bottom when he was young.”

The Guardian – Police chiefs: we will lose 28,000 staff

28,000 jobs will be lost in the police forces because of government funding cuts. This is a huge amount but I feel a little swamped by all the numbers being thrown about in the press at the moment. While The Times and Telegraph are bombarding me with figures about how many service personnel will lose their jobs, the Indy and particularly the Guardian are throwing back figures from the public sector. In the end the reader just switches off.

The Independent – “Prisoners of conscience in Europe’s last dictator state”

The Independent leads with the political repression in Belarus, an interesting and untold foreign news story. Sometimes when the paper goes leftfield it really works and it looks like it may be one of those nights.

The Times – “Fresh questions for Duke over link to Kazakhstan”

Kazakhstan believes that the Duke of York helped it attract investors. So what?

The Telegraph – “New pension deal to help stay-at-home mothers”

The same story as the Mail, the only difference is that the Telegraph hyphenates “stay at home” while the Mail thinks they are they different stories. Expect some rejigging of titles to go one before the morning. These two papers are big rivals so won’t like having almost identical splashes.


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