Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 9 March 2011

Another quiet night. Two pictures of Kate Middleton tonight (think someone should set up Kate-watch as a blog for the next two months). The Guardian has her flipping pancakes (as well as the devastating effects of reforms to the benefit system on cancer patients) while The Telegraph just has her walking (and air strikes across Europe). The Times leads with Libya while the Indy continues to crusade on Belarus.

The Guardian – “Welfare bill ‘will penalise cancer patients’

A coalition of 30 cancer charities is claiming that the changes to the benefit system will push cancer sufferers into poverty at the worst possible time. I have written about these reforms before and there are real and worrying issues around implementation.

The Times – “Carnage in rebel city as Gaddafi hits back”

The battle for Zawiya in Tripoli is increasingly intense, with Gaddafi’s tanks rolling into the rebel held city 30 miles from Tripoli.

The Telegraph – “Airport walkouts threaten holiday chaos for millions”

Spanish airport workers have announced a series of strikes that could have serious consequences for British travellers.

The Independent – “Lukashenko: the dictator in the dock”

Jerome Taylor continues the paper’s reports on Belarus with the revelation that a British law firm is to bring a court case against the country’s former President, Alexander Lukashenko.


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