Front pages reviewed: Wednesday 23 March

Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days, work commitments. The papers are divided between previews of Wednesday’s Budget and the latest updates from Libya, with the Mail and Times going for the former and the Guardian, Telegraph and Indy favouring the latter. In the case of the Times they have a decent sized scoop/leak, whereas the Mail they have some very dubious looking stats.

The Guardian – “Discord at the heart of Nato over who controls no-fly zone in Libya”

That has got to be one of the worst titles I have seen in a long time. The attempt to hand over the control of the no-fly zone to Nato is descending into chaos, with several nations rejecting the plan. Cameron and Obama have allegedly accepted that Nato will have a much more moderate role than in previous interventions such as Kosovo in 1999.

The Mail – £320 tax cut for millions

The Chancellor George Osborne is to increase the amount people can earn without paying tax to £8,085 next year, something which the Mail calculates will save those paying 20% tax will save around £320 a year.  But the brilliant Faisal Islam of Channel Four News has already ripped this claim apart on Twitter, have a look:!/faisalislam

The Telegraph – Minister admits there is no Libya exit strategy

Nick Harvey, a defence minister, has said that he doesn’t know how long British forces will be involved in Libya for. This is, in fact, exactly what the government has been saying since the interference began but Harvey’s casual response to the question makes the government seem a little casual. Asked how long forces would be involved he replied: “how long is a piece of string?”. The article goes with the trend of serious criticism of the mission in Libya.

The Independent – Bombed but not broken

A general piece from the Indy, bringing together four different writers’ work into one lead. The theme of the piece is about the general lack of a united strategy with the French, the UK, the US and the Arab League all pulling in slightly different directions.

The Times – “First time buyers to get help in the Budget”

The Times has also been leaked some Budget related stuff, this time the claim that “Ten thousand people buying newly built homes will receive 20 per cent of the cost from the Government and the builder in low-interest loans to put towards a deposit.” From there it goes on about the changes to income tax and talk about the squeezed middle.

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