Front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 28 March 2011

Libya return to the front pages tonight with the Indy, Guardian and Times splashing on the latest updates. The Mail and The Telegraph, two papers that have done relatively little on the Middle East unrest, continue to do so with splashes that are a little flat.

The Telegraph – “Britain is open for business, say top investors”

39 leading venture capitalists have backed George Osborne’s Budget in a letter to The Telegraph. The changes are a “shot in the arm” for the sector. I bet that will really help the govt win over the 400,000 that marched on the weekend, the backing of venture capitalists.

The Guardian – “Turkey offers to broker Libya ceasefire as rebels advance”

The paper have an exclusive interview with the Turkish PM Recep Erdogan in which he says that they are willing to lead negotiations between Gaddafi’s forces and the rebels. Some interesting stuff here about the future of the NATO mission. He says: “Turkey’s role will be to withdraw from Libya as soon as possible” and “restore the unity and integrity of the country based on the democratic demands of the people.” Hardly an unambigious assertion that Gaddafi will go.

The Independent – “Onwards towards Tripoli”

Kim Sengupta and Donald MacIntyre tell the story of the weekend in Libya in an informal style. Opening line: “The last time the rebels made it as far west as Bin Jawad, it ended in disaster.”

The Times – “Libya’s rebels close in on Gaddafi’s strongholds”

A report on Libya again which takes the view that the rebels are winning serious ground and hints that Gaddafi will be gone within a few days. Good second sentence: “Despite fresh political division in urope that could yet undermine the
operation, the rebels enjoyed their most sweeping gains since bombing began, while Britain claimed that the seizure of the oil fields would “change the political and economic dynamic”.

The Daily Mail – “Fury over Bulger’s killer’s tryst with girl guard”

You know it is not a story if they start the headline with “Fury over”. One of Bulger’s killers had sex with a female guard.


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