Some pictures from Saturday’s protests

A few days late but I thought I would put up some photos from Saturday’s protest in central London. I was lucky enough to be live tweeting it with the great Kyle Ross.
Generally I would say that the police were a lot more careful than they have been on previous protests but there was a provocative element in the crowd. The vast majority of the crowd from the earlier protest were peaceful but there did seem a section determined to provoke fights. This was not UK Uncut but a number of groups that took over their legitimate peaceful protest and turned it into a violent one.

Outside Topshop

 This photo was outside TopShop after the protests.

This is the scene outside Fortnum and Mason’s shortly after the UK Uncut lot invaded. The protesters that got on top of the porch roof were partly from UK Uncut but many were just opportunists who got involved.

 Another still from the protesters climbing on the porch.

 This is from a few hours later when there was a fire on Jermyn Street. We were on the street when the police charged on the crowd to get control of the fire. At the time we had serious concerns that it would spread as the nearby scaffolding had wooden boards.

A police car is smashed up on Regent Street. This car reversed out of the crowd in Piccadilly in the early evening. By this time we had run round the back of the protests and were on Regent Street which the police had cordoned off.

2 responses to “Some pictures from Saturday’s protests

  1. Don’t go next time Joe>

  2. I think to describe the provocative elements as violent protesters is a little misleading; they were not protesting, they were agitating. My understanding (without having been there) is that these groups have anarchist sympathies, if this is correct then I cannot imagine they would accept the idea that peaceful protests are an effective means of lobbying govt. They’re not trying to fix a system they have problems with, they’re trying to break one they consider inherently unjust. As I said I wasn’t there and I don’t know exactly which groups were using force, but if they are anarchists they probably don’t accept the legitimacy of political power at all, let alone the legitimacy of the British state. There are plenty of reasons to criticise these ‘provocative elements’, but I think it’s important to understand their tactics, or their politics, if they have them. So far I have seen no media discussion of what they were doing beyond the cheap ‘thugs hijacking democracy’ analysis. I would like to know more about whether they have political reasons or whether they’re just taking advantage of disorder for pointless violence. Let me know.

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