Front pages reviewed at midnight: Thursday 31 March 2011

When its quiet papers aim to suit their core audience and so it is tonight. The Indy have Robert Fisk in Syria, Mail and Telegraph lead with grandparents’ rights, Guardian has human rights and The Times says that the credit crunch bites.

The Daily Mail – ”The legal right to see your grandchild”

Grandparents may get legal rights that entitle them to see their grandchildren even when their kids have broken up with their partners.

The Times  – “Discount Britain struggles as consumer crunch bites”

Shops are now resorting to more and more discounts as consumers are cutting back on spending.

The Independent – “The Arab spring stops here”

The brilliant Robert Fisk reports from Syria where President Assad is looking increasingly embattled. He suggests that his failure to offer more reforms is due to the success of Gaddafi in fighting off resistance.

The Telegraph – “Grandparents win divorce access rights”

The Telegraph has the same story as the Mail.

The Guardian – “Challenge to Cameron over torture claims”

British intelligence have allegedly abused a Kenyan man in Uganda.


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