Monthly Archives: April 2011

Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 27 April 2011

 The Telegraph attacks the BBC, the Times tries to get some kind of AV news, The Indy leads with Marr and the Guardian leads with the Arab spring.

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Front pages reviewed at midnight: Tuesday 19 April 2011

Another mixed bag tonight. The Independent has a great scoop picked up from the Chilcott Inquiry, The Times goes with adoption again, The Telegraph focuses on heart attacks, The Guardian has the AV Referendum and the Mail leads with the two men shot in Florida.

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Front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 18 April 2011

Apologies for the ten day break, have been on holiday. Here are tonight’s front pages. The Guardian leads with NHS cuts, The Independent has Miliband on AV, the Mail has the collapse of family life, The Times reports on the adoption system and The Telegraph leads with a story that I think first appeared in the Sunday Star.

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Front pages reviewed at midnight: Friday 8 April 2011

Tonight’s papers are an interesting mix with The Indy going for Ivory Coast, The Times has Kenya court case and The Telegraph has a potentially big story about Cameron backing down on defence cuts.

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Front pages reviewed: Thursday 7 April 2011

Sorry I didn’t blog last night. Very busy with work. Here are the front pages today but no analysis sadly

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Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 6 April 2011

The Guardian and The Independent lead with the latest phone hacking arrests, The Times attacks Clegg on internships while The Telegraph is with David Cameron on his latest foreign trip.

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