Front pages reviewed at midnight: Wednesday 6 April 2011

The Guardian and The Independent lead with the latest phone hacking arrests, The Times attacks Clegg on internships while The Telegraph is with David Cameron on his latest foreign trip.

The Guardian – “First arrests for five years in phone-hacking scandal” Co-written by Nick Davies, the journalist who has almost single handedly forced the phone hacking story into the public, this is the authoritative account of the latest developments. The Guardian was the first paper to really focus on phone hacking, followed later by The Independent, but the silence in other papers remains deafening.

The Times – “Clegg falls into jobs trap”

Nick Clegg’s assault on unpaid internships is picked apart by The Times, which points out that he has used interns in his office. Similarly Clegg admits that his father pulled strings to get him work during his gap year. It was just such an easy one to foresee. Did nobody in Lib Dem HQ sit down and say ‘now before we launch this idea, Cleggy didn’t do any internships did he?’

The Telegraph – “Cameron: UK caused many of the world’s problems”

The idea that this is even moderately a story is based on the idea that to criticise the empire is inherently dangerous. To provide a bit of background Cameron has been criticised by the right for talking down Britain and her history on trips abroad, like his ‘junior partner in 1940’ point last July. So the idea that the conflict in Kashmir was partly caused by the British will be seen as further evidence that Cameron is talking us down.

The Independent – “Hacking: Senior News of the World pair arrested”

The Indy also reports on the NOTW phone hacking scandal.

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  1. It’s the 6th

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