Front pages reviewed at midnight: Friday 8 April 2011

Tonight’s papers are an interesting mix with The Indy going for Ivory Coast, The Times has Kenya court case and The Telegraph has a potentially big story about Cameron backing down on defence cuts.

The Times – “Britain in Kenya ‘If we are going to sin, then we must sin quietly'”

The Times has really led with this Mau Mau case in Kenya and they give it top billing again tonight. It is rather unusual for the Times to be focussing so strongly on Britain’s colonial history. Anyway the story is that the case investigating alleged systematic abuse by British forces has opened in the High Court.

The Telegraph – “Cameron rethinks defence cuts”

If these rumours turn out to be true this will be the biggest u-turn yet performed in a government characterised by them. James Kirkup claims that Cameron  is “actively engaged” in ways in which to soften the defence cuts in the wake of the UK’s involvement in Libya. The MoD has been given a reprieve on its defence budget and a ‘senior defence source’ said “the debate is live”.

The Independent – “Night falls on Abidjan”

Slight concern here that most people will never have heard of Abidjan, which is in Ivory Coast. But the piece by Daniel Howden seems strong.


The Guardian – “Osborne: euro crisis proves needs for cuts”

The Guardian leads with George Osborne’s response to the crisis in Portugal, with the Chancellor saying it vindicates the governments cuts program.

If you only read one: The Telegraph

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