Front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 18 April 2011

Apologies for the ten day break, have been on holiday. Here are tonight’s front pages. The Guardian leads with NHS cuts, The Independent has Miliband on AV, the Mail has the collapse of family life, The Times reports on the adoption system and The Telegraph leads with a story that I think first appeared in the Sunday Star.

The Guardian – “NHS cuts force ‘rationing’ of operations”

The Federation of Surgeon Speciality Association has warned that growing numbers of patients are being denied operations as the NHS seeks to scale back funding. This is hardly a huge given the scale of cut backs but it will still make difficult reading for a government which promised to protect the NHS.

The Independent – “‘This is a referendum on the voting system. Not on Nick Clegg'”

The Independent leads with a comment piece by Ed Miliband in which he urges people to vote yes in the referendum on the Alternative Vote. He admits that AV isn’t a panacea but argues that it will improve politics. Seems like a dull article but what is interesting is how far Labour will push for a Yes vote, fearful that it will split their own party. This article may suggest they will campaign harder than many expected.

The Daily Mail – The collapse of family life

New research by the right wing Centre for Social Justice shows that 46 per cent of children are now born to unmarried mothers, while births outside marriage are at their highest level in two centuries.

The Telegraph – “Secrets put on internet in Whitehall blunders”

The Telegraph claims that three govt departments have failed to properly redact classified information from the internet after it was accidentally put up in the first place. The story actually emerged in none other than the Sunday Star today, with The Telegraph taking it on a step. Maybe the Star is the last bastion of investigative reporting…

The Times – “Written off: the children lost in adoption shambles”

An interesting profile of the adoption system by Rosemary Bennett. The paper claims that thousands of children in care, some as young as five, are having their chances of being adopted abandoned because they are deemed ‘too old’.

One response to “Front pages reviewed at midnight: Monday 18 April 2011

  1. My girlfreind was in Hammersmith hospital last week for checkups and was astonished and alarmed to hear the staff there discussing worriedly how they were going to manage in the coming 4 day weeks. She formed the distinct impression a regular 4 day week is to be imposed on hospitals and the staff are greatly concerned about this. Perhaps they know something we don’t…

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