Front pages reviewed at midnight: Tuesday 19 April 2011

Another mixed bag tonight. The Independent has a great scoop picked up from the Chilcott Inquiry, The Times goes with adoption again, The Telegraph focuses on heart attacks, The Guardian has the AV Referendum and the Mail leads with the two men shot in Florida.

The Independent – Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq.

A good piece of journalism from Paul Bignell who has noticed a document given for evidence during the Chilcott Inquiry that link senior oil executives with cabinet ministers before the Iraq War. Apparently they reveal that the oil companies were pushing to take control of the oil over a year before the war.

The Times – “Children in care face adoption apartheid”

The Times continues to focus on adoption, with the shocking statistic that white kids are three times more likely to be adopted than black kids.

The Telegraph – “New heart attack jab even better than statins”

The Telegraph reports on a new injection that can be injected hours after a heart attack to help ease the symptoms.

The Mail – “Gunned down in the ghetto”

The Mail reports on two middle-class British guys who were shot down in downtown Florida two days ago. Police claim they could have been lured into a trap.

The Guardian – “‘Yes’ camp reels as support for voting reform collapses”

A new Guardian poll gives the No to AV campaign a 16 point lead in the polls.

If you only read one: Independent has the best splash

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